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About Christmas on Candleflower

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Christmas on Candleflower is the Hoggatt family Christmas light show. We’re so glad you came by to check it out!
2023 is the first year our show has programmed light sequences customized to match the music. We are currently using 100% Twinkly brand smart lights in our show (most programmed shows use LED Pixels). The show currently utilizes about 20,000 lights, as well as 3 projectors and a bunch of other gear behind the scenes to keep it all in sync! Our family of 8 has pooled our talents to create this year’s show complete with the Grinch and Max. The Grinch Radio show was written by our own Rebekah Hoggatt and utilizes many cutting edge technologies such as AI voice and image generation and the xLights program to stitch it all together.
As this is our first year, we hope everything runs smoothly, but realize that it may not. We hope you will bear with us if any technical difficulties arise.
Thanks again for stopping by! Please tell your friends and we hope you have the merriest of Christmases this year!